Acquisition and succession planning for financial advisors, registered representatives and registered investment advisors

When buying, selling, or transitioning a financial advisory practice it is vital to have professional support from a focused, specialized advisor in order to produce great outcomes.

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Advisor Successions

For Buyers

How does the Advisory Practice Buying Process work?

For Sellers

How does the selling process work?

About Us

Advisor Successions

Advisor Successions understands that a financial planner’s greatest asset is their business, and when looking to transition they need more than just a typical posting. We offer top of the line concierge services to financial advisors for all their buying, selling, or transitioning needs. Advisor Successions individual approach allows clients to connect with their best possible match. Our professionals are recognized experts in the financial advisory field, as a result they know how to guide and help their clients on a personal level. Advisor Successions’ experts have constant contact with their clients from beginning to end and thereafter, so you can be reassured that we will meet your needs and wishes, throughout your transition process.

Our Mission

Advisor Successions mission is simple – help financial advisors grow through acquisition, protect their business with a succession plan, and manage the transition of their business through the right connection and service.

Events & Resources

Advisor Successions hosts numerous events each year to help advisors with their planning and strategies.  More information here

For Sellers

Advisor Successions can help by introducing you to a independent, third party evaluation firm in order to determine the market value of your specific business.

For Buyers

An acquisition is the quickest way to grow your business. Finding a business can be difficult and time consuming. Advisor Successions offers the tools and advice necessary to make the process as quick and rewarding as possible.

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